I am so impressed with this curriculum. My daughter is finally starting to read and she realizes it. I had a spring towel in the bathroom that had a chick and the word "peep" and my daughter came out of the bathroom with a huge smile and informed me she could read the towel (very proud of herself).

Anyway, today we started lesson 16. We introduced the "th" sound. We have worked on this sound before in other curriculum and it has always been a problem. She really has trouble making that sound. Her bottom lip gets involved and she ends up making more of a "f" sound. I had her hold her bottom lip and practice saying it and her mouth can make the correct sound but when she reads a word like "math" she needs to use her bottom lip to say the "m" sound and then the "th" sound comes out like a "f" again. This is progress. A year ago she struggled making the sound at all (we practiced with a mirror). She finds it all very frustrating.

Anyway, I can see her concern every time she sees the "th" consonant team. I told her we would practice saying the sound correctly but then after that she could just read the word the best she could during the rest of the lesson and then practice it right again tomorrow. (she was so frustrated she just wanted to quit but I don't want to lose the momentum we have created).

I hear her trying to practice the sound while she is playing. She is working on it.

Do you have any tips with this? Am I on the right track? I figure I will leave the "th" sound and words with "th" sounds in our daily review until she can say it right.